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Gifts are Live
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
The gifts are now live.  The one person waiting for a gift has said she does not mind her gift not being up yet.  However, her gift will be up before creators are revealed.  Now, go forth and enjoy both your gifts, and everyone else's.

Comment on this post for discussion on the many wonderful gifts.

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I've already left a comment archive, but I just want to say something I meant to say in my comment and didn't: my author really went above and beyond in writing something that would please me, and it felt really personal as a gift, even if the writer turns out to be a stranger. So quite apart from loving the story itself (which I did), I felt really touched and happy at the thought that went into it.

I'm glad you liked it. It was the pinch hit I took on. I called my friend and said "HELP! I need to know everything about Jem as fast as you can tell me."

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