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Time is Up and Pinch Hits
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
EDIT: Pinch hitter has been found. 

I haven't looked at the stories other than the titles, but it looks like it will be a good crop this round just based on the titles.  Thanks to everyone who participated and submitted stories.  Now, the sad news is that we had three defaults.  One voluntarily defaulted, so I have taken on their assignment and should be done tonight.  One person that defaulted was assigned to the person that had two people writing for them, so while sad the recipient does have a gift waiting for them.  That leaves just ONE person that needs a gift.  I am hesitant to take it on as I pinch hitted a story for her last year and was the person that wrote for her at Yuletide (plus she can recognize my writing from a mile away).  If someone would please be willing to take on her assignment, that would be greatly appreciated.

Series: Cutie Honey The Live
Characters: Kisaragi Honey, Hayami Seiji
I'd like to see something fluffy and cute between these two. I do ship them together, so maybe a story where Seiji tries to ask Honey out on a date? I'd like to see a story with Honey being her usual, cute self please.
Series: Princess Tutu
Characters: Ahiru | Duck
Duck is my absolute favorite character in Tutu. She's just so cute! Ficwise I would love to see something centering her, of course. Perhaps something aling the lines of a day in the life of Duck? If possible...I'd would like there to be included a scene of her in her duck form, for whatever reason. Shipping wise, if you'd like to go that route, I'd like to see a romantic moment between Fakir and Duck. Maybe Fakir lamenting about his supposed role in the story and Duck comforting him? But this is only a suggestion. As long as the story isn't OOC for the two of them, and there is some hint of a romance between them. But if Fakir isn't an option, then just a cute Duck story would be nice. However, I would like no Duck x Mythos, please. Duck x Rue is okay if Fakir is not your cup of tea.

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