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Assignments are out!
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
Sign ups are closed and assignments are out.  If you signed up and did not get an email, check your assignments on AO3.  If there is nothing their then contact me ASAP so I can get you taken care of.

Now, everything was mostly perfect.  There was only one issue that there were two people who only had one person that fit to give them a gift.  However, I had a volunteer that has voluntarily taken on a second assignment.  Now, because of this slight not matching, there is one person has two people assigned to them.  No, I won't tell anyone who.  However, to make it fair, I have decided that I will make all the prompts visible now.

Now, if you aren't familiar with exchanges called Yuletide, there are these things called treats.  A treat is when you do a gift for someone in addition to the person you are assigned to.  They are not required, but they can be a ton of fun.

Princess Tutu, Ahiru | Duck
Duck is my absolute favorite character in Tutu. She's just so cute! Ficwise I would love to see something centering her, of course. Perhaps something aling the lines of a day in the life of Duck? If possible...I'd would like there to be included a scene of her in her duck form, for whatever reason. Shipping wise, if you'd like to go that route, I'd like to see a romantic moment between Fakir and Duck. Maybe Fakir lamenting about his supposed role in the story and Duck comforting him? But this is only a suggestion. As long as the story isn't OOC for the two of them, and there is some hint of a romance between them. But if Fakir isn't an option, then just a cute Duck story would be nice. However, I would like no Duck x Mythos, please. Duck x Rue is okay if Fakir is not your cup of tea.
Cutie Honey: The Live, Kisaragi Honey, Hayami Seiji
I'd like to see something fluffy and cute between these two. I do ship them together, so maybe a story where Seiji tries to ask Honey out on a date? I'd like to see a story with Honey being her usual, cute self please.

Mai-Otome, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, Arika Yumemiya, Nina Wáng

Mmmm... well I'd like a story with Nina as the main protagonist in the scenario that she comes to live at the palace for some time after the events of the anime and the OVA perhaps... if an enemy appeared and some type of mystery enemy and action existed it would be nice but not necessary XD

I also like Crossovers so You can do one as well if you want...

... And I generally like everything so I will enjoy whatever you write for me XD
Cardcaptor Sakura, Kinomoto Touya, Kinomoto Sakura, Daidouji Tomoyo
I love AU fantasy stories but I don't mind the other types that much!

I also love Crossovers so if you want to do a crossover with CCS that's also cool! (The other fandoms I know are Mai Otome, Shugo Chara, Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha and Uta-kata, Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu but I don't know very well the last three fandoms.)

If you want to do a fic related to the story arc then... I'd like it to have some Kero moments... that;s all.XD

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Any
In general, please not anything too violent or explicit, since I don't have much interest in that.
From pairings, I only really like Nanoha/Fate, but I have no dislikes so feel free. However, gen would be great as well. Time-wise, I greatly prefer the first anime series and StrikerS to A's, but again, feel free to write/draw A's, if you have an idea for that series.

No detailed prompts, but if I think of something, I'll put a link on the community "Letters to the Filler" post before the end of January.
Revolutionary Girl Utena, Any
In general, please not anything too violent or explicit, since I don't have much interest in that.
I adore all of the characters, so anything is fine. However, I really like the screw-uppedness of Juri/Shiori and Nanami paradoxically being one of the few relatively normal kids at the school.
No detailed prompts, but if I think of something, I'll put a link on the community "Letters to the Filler" post before the end of January.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Fluttershy, Rarity
Fluttershy and Rarity bonding over sewing and clothing and design. Extra points for Angel & Opal being present.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (anime), Meiou Setsuna|Sailor Pluto

Writing: I often feel like Setsuna is the neglected one of the outer senshi in fandom, but I love her most of all. If you want to write romance and are comfortable with threesomes, Setsuna/Haruka/Michiru is my OT3 - I'd love a story about Setsuna becoming part of the family unit. If that isn't your kind of thing, I also love her relationship with the two little ones - something about Setsuna interacting with ChibUsa or Hotaru or both would be just lovely. I'm comfortable with both manag and anime canon, or a mixture of both, and set in any era. I'd very much prefer f/f or gen to het.

Art: As Setsuna or Sailor Pluto or Princess Pluto, I don't mind, I love her in any form. Other characters are welcome, but not necessary! Again, I'd prefer gen or f/f to het, and no explicit violence and sexual content, it makes me blush.

Jem and the Holograms, Clash (Constance Montgomery), Video (Vivien Montgomery)

I have such a sneaking, enduring love for Clash and her rivalry with her cousin, and the ending of 'Video Wars' left me devastated as a little girl. I'd love a story that "fixes" things for Clash in some way - getting her back in with the Misfits, rebuilding her burned bridges with the Holograms, healing her relationship with Video, anything. Or you could just roll in the angst, if you prefer. :) Another idea I would love to see is - Jerrica worries all the time about how Rio will react to finding out her secret, but what about Jem's dear friends Video and Danse, who have been lied to as well? I'd love to see that worked through. Or what would Clash do if she was the one to find out and Video didn't know?

I've asked for both characters, so I'd like them both at least mentioned, but feel free to focus on just one or the other. Also, picking both isn't a pairing request - you can certainly pair them if you like, or write gen, or write another f/f pairing of your choice. I'd prefer f/f or gen to het, please.

Art: Oh, they are all pretty, all the Jem characters and their 80s fashions. I'd love anything of the two of them together, or one of them with "their" group, o anything you like. Again, gen or f/f please, no het, and please keep it PG or below!

Revolutionay Girl Utena

Fic: No character choice here, because I adore all five of the available characters (Utena, Anthy, Juri, Shiori, Nanami) and I'd be really happy whichever you chose to focus on. I ship Utena/Anthy and Juri/Shiori in all their complicated painfulness, and I adore little princess Nanami. As long as it's gen or het, though, I'd pretty much love anything you come up with, whether it's mythic retelling or postcanon or exploration of the relationships or just a day at school. I should say, I guess, that I much prefer the sapphic side of the first four in particular, and I'd really prefer you to avoid het for them - gen is absolutely fine and welcome and loved if f/f isn't your thing.

Art: Oh, I love Anthy/Utena and Juri/Shiori shippy art, or anything to do with pretty little Nanami. I'd love whatever you did. Once more, please no violence or explicitness!

Powerpuff Girls

I have the same prompt for both art and fic here: just the girls being cute. That's spectacularly unhelpful, I know. But they are just SO CUTE that anything with them being themselves, and adorable, would make me incredibly happy. Please keep it tasteful, though, no lolicon or incest - their appeal is that they are little girls!


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (anime), Kaiou Michiru|Sailor Neptune, Tenoh Haruka|Sailor Uranus

They were my first and favorite lesbian couple. I love how Haruka's so butch, but also the one who gets bossed around, and Michiru's very ladylike but so clearly in charge. And the way they will both flirt with whomever catches their attention, but the other one always gets a little jealous when they see it. And they're so devoted to each other, even when they think that it's totally futile and they're both going to die. Especially in those early episodes, when Haruka is trying so hard NOT to care, and still clearly can't help herself.

My BFF likes to joke that Michiru seems like a grown-up lady, and Haruka's her younger boytoy-- if you want to write that, feeeeeel freeeeee. Other things you can write: Haruka and Michiru fighting monsters and being totally devoted to each other, Seiya, Michiru and Haruka's reactions to all of that flirting (if you want to write jealous, possessive sex OM NOM NOM), past fic about Prince(ss) Uranus and Princess Neptune, Silly parodies of tentacle hentai (it's SAILOR MOON, come on!). Or Haruka trying to cook and maybe not entirely succeeding and Michiru teasing. I like their teasing a lot, so anything with teasing is great. Also, if you're so inspired, there's always long, plotty fic involving the rise of a new villain in Crystal Tokyo or something.

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, Any

This is totally nostalgia fandom for me. So of course I wouldn't mind a serious Arthurian story utilizing their reliance on faux-Arthur mythology, including Morgana (possibly a Gwenevere/Morgana romance, given that Gwenevere is sort of a stand-in for Arthur? Or or or a tragic threesome with Drake, Ian or Tamara standing in for the traditional Guinevere role and Fallon standing in for Lancelot?) Or a riding across the land, fighting monsters and righting wrongs. Maybe toppling corrupt barons or fighting highway men and turning them to the cause of good!

Or how about an after-series story about ruling the kingdom after finally creating the Jewel? Ooooor how Morgana and Kale were actually keeping Merlin in check, and letting him have the jewel eventually introduces evil back into the kingdom through him?

Or fluff about Fallon being a lesbian. You know. The usual.

Magic Knight Rayearth, Shidou Hikaru, Ryuzaaki Umi, Hououji Fuu
Umi/Hikaru/Fuu, life after Cephiro, together
Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sayaka Miki
Sayaka, in the world that Madoka created. What motivated her to make her wish, and how does she feel about being in Magical girl Valhalla?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Homura Akemi
Oh Homura. If anyone ever needed a huge hug, it'd be her. I can't imagine how much sheer willpower it would take to hang in there through multiple time loops in which things keep getting worse and worse. My request for this is simple: I'd like a story where something good happens to Homura. That's it. If this also happens to include team ups with the other girls, witch fights and/or multiple violent deaths for Kyubey, that's just cherry.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Anime), Tomoe Hotaru|Sailor Saturn
Hotaru has long been my favourite senshi, and (anime) Prof Tomoe has long been my favourite villain. I'd love to read something about Tomoe Family Time, whether silly or serious. Evil Bring Your Daughter to Work Day? Thoughts about the sacrifice and possession they both went through in S? What it's like to have a second chance to be a family? Mad scientist habits spilling over into everyday life? Or, if you don't want to write about Prof Tomoe, how about something about Saturn's role as the soldier of destruction. How does that affect her being part of a team? How does Hotaru deal with the powers and responsibilities of being Saturn?
Suite Pretty Cure, Siren|Kurokawa Ellen|Cure Beat
Suite was kind of frustrating in that it kept bringing up really interesting ideas, and never doing anything on them. So tell me about Siren/Ellen. When did she met Hummy? How did she get shapeshifting powers? Why is she stuck in human form? How does she feel about being human permanently? What made her the one to become a Pretty Cure? What does she do after the end of the series?

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action), Hino Rei|Sailor Mars, Aino Minako|Sailor Venus, Luna|Sailor Luna

You do not need to include all three characters. I will be fine with just Luna by herself or a fic with both Rei and Minako. Though I will not complain about having all three.

Let's see I completely ship Rei x Minako, but only in the PGSM verse. I don't mind if there isn't any shippiness, but I would rather they were not paired with other characters. The episode Minako died was one of my favorite in the series. It was so heartbreaking. Whether it is as a friend or as something more, Rei truly cared for Minako.

I also really love human Luna and Sailor Luna. I personally see her as being pretty similar to regular Luna in personality, only in an adorable human form. I also would love to see what will happen as Luna's human form ages or maybe she is stuck eternally as physically a child?

I'd love to see something involving later villains from the anime/manga/musicals showing up in the PGSM verse. If you somehow included Sailor Luna x Sailor Star Healer I would be ecstatic.

I don't dislike anyone in PGSM, so feel free to include anyone you like as well.

Genre wise, I would love fantasy, romance, crossover, mystery, tragedy, au. My only request is that if you include elements from the anime/manga that you please not make Usagi and Mamoru the rulers of the planet. I like them getting to have a normal, peaceful life better.

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, Dark Precure

The ending with Dark Precure always left a bad taste in my mouth. I found the idea that she was a child made for nothing but killing her sister, with no love from her father to be so heartbreaking. The fact that Sabaaku did not even shed a tear for her death and that Yuri is unlikely to mourn for her, makes me very very sad.

I'd love anything focusing on Dark! You can ship her with another Cure if you want (just please not her sister), or you can have no shipping. A happy ending for Dark would be nice, but not required.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle

I would seriously love anything with my two favorite ponies! Canon, great. Au, great. Making them into humans, great. Turning them into magical girl humans? Also great. Romance? Sure, why not.

I think the only thing I don't want is to have something incredibly gory or horror. Though I would not mind a beautiful tragedy. Character death is also something I would not mind being touched on if it is done tastefully. A random story featuring these two in the style of the show is always a nice fallback.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kyubey, Tomoe Mami

I don't need a fic about both, one or the other is fine.

Kyubey and his/her race really fascinates me. They said that only members of their race who are insane have emotions. I'd love that explored! Are emotions a requirement to make wishes? Could a member of his/her race make a wish if they were "insane." Does Kyubey have emotions? What would happen if Kyubey was turned into a human girl/magical girl by a wish? How would she handle it? I'd like the race to be treated in the ambiguously grey way the anime did.

Mami is my favorite magical girl of the group. What are some of her other adventures? Before the series? After? Did she ever see Kazumi again after rescuing her? How would her meeting with Kirika play out in the post series timeline? How did her meeting with Homura and her eventual contracting go now that Madoka wasn't there to meet her as well? I have always wanted to read a Mami x Homura, but Mami with any of the girls, including the ones from the two manga series is fine. But please no Mami x Charlotte.

I would not like any romantic Madoka x Homura. I honestly don't see Madoka's actions any different then how she would act with Kyouko or Mami. As for Homura, I find her actions far more moving if she did them out of platonic love rather than romantic.

Suite Pretty Cure, Minamino Kanade|Cure Rhythm, Siren|Kurokawa Ellen|Cure Beat

I have been dying to read a shippy fic of these two. Any genre, crossover, fusion, whatever. I am happy with anything if you would be willing to write a shippy fic of these two characters.

Maybe an AU where Kanade really was a witch like her Halloween costume?

If you are uncomfortable with it being shippy, then how about a nice friendship fic? I really enjoy seeing friends comfort one another. Or something where they are badass?

If you are up for a crossover, then I'd like a fic that combined Suite Pretty Cure with my Heartcatch request. Ellen comforting a reborn Dark?

Oh, crossover with another series like Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, Winx Club or W.I.T.C.H.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Joan of Arc, Sayaka Miki

I'd love to see Joan of Arc's magical girl story! Anything about it would be wonderful, whether from the original 'verse or Madokami's remake. Her contract with Kyubei, her fighting witches or fighting mundanely - anything, really.

If you do something post-series, seeing her interact with Sayaka would be cool - they have swords and idealism in common, right? But if that doesn't work out for you, or if you're doing something set in a different time, feel free to just write/draw Joan.

Uta-Kata, Toudou Sei,Toudou Kai

We didn't get enough of Sei's time as a magical boy! Detail on his interaction with the Djinn would be lovely. If you'd rather do canon timeline, I've wondered how he must have felt after giving Ichika the charm.

Or, if you're feeling shippy, I would love fix-it stuff for the OVA which I found more bitter than bittersweet. Something that finds a way to let Ichika and Manatsu and Sei and Kai stay together permanently!


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Better now! I can see who I'm assigned to, anyway, and find their prompt/s above. :) Thank you for your help!

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