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Sign Ups are Open!
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
Important Dates
January 1 - Nomination period begins
January 13 - Nomination period ends
January 16 - Sign ups start
January 31 - Sign ups close
April 1 - Works are due (no this isn't a joke)
TBD - Works revealed (once all are in)
1 Week After Reveals - Authors are revealed

The nomination period went well.  To my surprise the fandom with the most characters nominated was Jem.  So congratulations Jem fans!

For signing up you must ask for at least one fandom and you must offer at least two.  Only characters and fandoms that people nominated are available for selection.  If you select "any" then you can honestly get any character that was nominated.  So, please take that into account.  Please do not use "any" as an attempt to get fic of an unnominated character.  Yes, you can mention unnominated characters but you can't require it. 

The person writing/drawing for you has to use the fandom you chose and the characters you selected (unless in your details you say you are fine with fewer).  For filling you only have to do one of the requests.  If you want to do more than that you are more then welcome.  If you want to do a prompt you weren't matched on then that is fine.

You may change your sign ups anytime up until signups close on January 31.

If you want to join but are not an AO3 member than please comment here or message me your e-mail address.

Sign up!

Pinch Hitter Sign up
Letters to the fillers

Feel free to discuss anything on this post.

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What's the minimum wordcount for stories? (I'm not seeing this info, probably just me being out of it.)

That is because there is no word count minimum. As long as it is a complete story,and not just a drabble, then there isn't a minimum. However, a good rule of thumb is at least one thousand words.

If someone does abuse the fact I expect people to use good judgment, then I will make sure the recipient gets a second gift and I will institute a word count rule.

Long story short: No minimum amount, but that would change if someone uses that to give an incomplete story or drabble.

Personally, I hope I never have to implement a word count rule.

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