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Magical Girl Fic/Art Swap [Info & Nominations]

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The First Magical Girl Fic/Art Swap
There are many magical girl communities scattered throughout the internet.  Many magical girls fans like multiple shows of the genre, while others like only one example.  Both are completely fine.  The point of this swap is actually to try and bring the various magical girl fan communities together.  Oh, and anyone is welcome to post to this community about anything magical girl related, even if it doesn't relate to the swap.

1. This swap does require an account on AO3
.  Don't worry if you don't have an account.  Just ask here and one of us can invite you, even if you go and join on your own the activation does not take long.

2. The first step is to gather the fandoms and characters you are interested in.  To do so then please comment on this post with character's name (and aliases), series and medium.  Eastern, western, adult, parody, traditional, live action, print, animated, all magical girl series and characters are welcome here.  The reason for this is to make sure there are tags for the series and characters in the sign up form that people are interested in.  Nominating does not mean you have to join.  You can also join without nominating. Nomination ends July 22nd.

3. After all the no
minations are checked to see if they are in the AO3 archive.  If any are missing then this is when they are added.

4. Sign ups open.  Whether you join first or last, it does not make any difference other then people can see how many requested each fandom.  You are only required to request one fandom and are only required to provide one.  However if you can provide more then one that will make it far easier to match people up.  Sign ups run August 12-31.  They may be opened early if the tags are finished early.

5. People are matched up and given their assignments.  This is also where any calls for kind people to help out with more obscure fandoms if some people are impossible to be matched.

6. People work on their assignments from September 15 to October 31.

7. November 1 Happy Gift Fic/Art Day!

I realize there are rather long stretches in there, that is to allow time for people's every day life and for  if this exchange receives more people joining then I initially thought would join.  If you have any suggestions for anything, please post them here.  Also, please post nominations here.

Please nominate characters and series that you personally are interested in receiving or giving.  Characters that are not magical girls from magical girl series may be nominated. Please make sure you include aliases.  For example: Ahiru/Duck aka Princess Tutu

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