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All Prompts Revealed
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
If anyone at anytime wants to do a fill for other people in this event, I have compiled a list of each person and all of their prompts.  If you do complete one of these then please post it to the group and put it as a gift for the original requester.

Cutie Honey The Live
Miki Saotome, Mayumi Kawasugawa
Nothing too explicit, but I was incredibly saddened at the ending both characters get. Not really looking for an AU ending, but that would be acceptable. Mostly looking for a sort of seductive interlude between the two. Maybe Mayumi starts out seducing Miki but then gets the tables turned on her?
Heartcatch Pretty Cure
Tsubomi Hanasaki, Erika Kurumi, Itsuki Myoudouin
A sweet moment of friendship between Tsubomi and one of these two characters.
.....Okay add to that last one that it can be a romantic interlude, though if it is romantic I would prefer it woth Itsuki
Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
Ayumu Aikawa, Eucliwood Hellscythe
A fluffy moment between servant and necromancer. One does something sweet and unexpected for the other one, and is rewarded with a kiss?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Rarity, Fluttershy
Just would like to see something fluffy friendship between the two. Maybe Rarity makes a special dress for Fluttershy?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (anime)
Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh
I love two kinds of fic: character exploration and wild AU. No objections to either. Pirates? Oh absolutely. Quiet exploration of their lives after the series? Sure. Adventures IN SPACE? Well, yeah. An AU that makes things more mundane than the series, i.e. they were regular high school girls all along, is not actually v. interesting to me though.
Optionally you can include Setsuna, either as a friend or for a threesome.
Other things what I love include: crossdressing (that is not for the lols)! super-atmospheric stuff! a vague but permeating sense of melancholy! alternatively badass crime lords or something IDEK.
Not that keen on crack (even when the idea is pretty cracked I love it when it can be made into a serious story rather than when it's played for hilarity 'cuz I am boring like that I guess), or on purest fluffy romance. OTOH rape is also way out. No thanks.
Princess Tutu
Any Character
Meta-fic! Stories about stories about stories! Play on different narrative structures, fairytale tropes, subvert them, break them if at all possible. That's basically everything I could wish for with this one.
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Utena Tenjou, Juri Arisugawa, Anthy Himemiya
Juri/Utena or gen fic about the two of them. It's not 'true love', but it's something. During canon or AU. I wouldn't be averse to some costume drama - if you're well up on your lesbian history for example something to do with that would be /entirely/ relevant to my interests. Bonus points for crossdressing. Alternatively I am totally good with character studies, and with more subtle twisting of the canon to explore what-ifs.
Alternatively, Utena/Anthy. Ditto the above.
Also, I appreciate that Utena is basically full of sexual violence & manipulation, so I'm not asking that you pretend it isn't there, but I'd rather not have even more or have it as a really central focus of a fic. That is to say, plz no rape scenes... ;;;

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Fate Testarossa, T. Harlaown, Subaru Nakajima, Tiana Lanster
"This is a bad idea." Signum/Fate.
A duel, training, a mission - your option - a moment in time. I'm looking for something semi-angsty. Do the others of the cast know? Is this a relationship or one-night stand? What does it take to make them to make this choice?
Alternatively I absolutely adore Subaru and Tia, and will happily accept anything - ANYTHING, even complete gen - with them.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname
Nanoha/Madoka crossover~
The Grief Seeds are a type of Lost Logia, previously undefined in the TSAB's database. Fate and Nanoha (et al, at your option and depending on what time frame you want to put this) are investigating a strange burst of magic occurring on Earth. The source? Madoka is trying to complete her post-series duties, causing insane levels of feedback. Unable to communicate with Madoka, Fate and Nanoha are ordered to remove and contain the Logia by force. Something goes wrong; the entire universe is being threatened by this confrontation. Meanwhile, Homura senses something is amiss...
(Ok ok, this might be a bit too epic to write in the time constraints. xD)
Sara Gallagher, Haruka Armitage, Rena Sayers
(It won't let me create her tag, but the fourth character I want to choose is Elliot Chandler~)
Crazy school-days hijinks. I'd REALLY love to see something like a depiction of their traversal exams (in Sara/Haruka's case, Haruka visiting Sara as a Trias, probably). Also an option is a day out in Windbloom; maybe a visit to Backstage?
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (TV)
Rei Hino, Minako Aino
Focus may waver, but affection never wanes. Rei/Minako.
Something back in PGSM Moon Kingdom times would be awesome. Time apart which only re-affirms their love when re-united, perhaps. Maybe even linking that to a modern-day time meeting as well?
I'm a sucker the concept that while you may have other focuses (or even loves) it doesn't necessarily mean that you love the person from before any less.

Princess Tutu
Any Character
Go crazy - whatever you want! :D
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Any Character
Go crazy - whatever you want! :D

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Nanami Kiryuu
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Junko Kanami, Homura Akemi

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Any Character
I love basically everyone in this series, so I'm happy with whoever you want to write about. I like slash and het, male and female characters, and gen as well, so I'm kind of easy to please.
If you want something more specific, I would really, really like it if you wrote some filthy Anthy/Utena porn - there's a lot of fic about them but all the Anthy/Utena sex scenes I've read are kind of distant, so it would make my year if there were some porn that was really involved. But I do love everyone in this fandom! I love unrequited love stories, so... you can focus on that with almost any character in Utena, really! (I'm not fond of fics where Juri and Shiori get back together, but I love Juri getting over it, or Juri still being in love with Shiori but hitting back at Shiori over the way she treats her.)
Cardcaptor Sakura
Daidouji Tomoyo, Kinomoto Sakura, Li Meiling
I like all the characters in CCS but I'd prefer gen or same-sex pairings - I just don't like many of the het ships in CCS. My favourite characters are Tomoyo and Meiling, and I like the idea of them making friends or becoming closer after the series. But I also love Tomoyo's devotion to Sakura so I love that pairing too!
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Any Character

Birgit Riddle (silencedancer)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (anime)
Hotaru Tomoe
I want a story about the duality between Hotaru and Sailor Saturn and how Saturn's attitude toward life is different than Hotaru's. Even though I indicated the anime version of her, my idea of her being this way comes primarily from the manga, especially due to the fact that she is first identified as the senshi who should not be awakened. Perhaps you could have Hotaru remember her life in the past as Sailor Saturn in the Silver Millennium and perhaps how she felt when she lowered her silence glaive at the end of the Silver Millennium. Or you can explore her reawakening to being Sailor Saturn during the Dream Arc in the manga/first part of the Sailor Stars anime season.
I am a bit sad that the manga version isn't an option because they're different enough to really have different characterizations and what happens is different enough. I mean, the live action is counted as separate too.
I do not mind darkfic.
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthy Himemiya, Utena Tenjou
Anthy finds Utena again outside of Ohtori and finds that Utena only remembers Ohtori as a fairytale or a dream and is now an adult. Anthy gets to know this new Utena and also finds out more about herself now that she is no longer defined by her brother.
Shoujo-ai/yuri is awesome. Preferred version is TV anime.
Magic Knight Rayearth
Fuu Houoji, Ferio
Cephiro is falling apart, but Ferio and Fuu still find time to spend some time together. Fuu baffles Ferio with stories of her world and he talks about his exploits. Just a happy moment during a time of chaos where they can forget about everything for a bit. Maybe they take a walk or they share lunch together.
Anime version preferred.
Mantantei Loki Ragnarok
Loki Ragnarok, Yamino Ryuusuke
The day in the life of Yamino Ryuusuke. What kinds of chores does he do? What interesting things does he find to order from cataloges? For that matter, what does he get in the mail and use it for? Also, delicious cooking and Yamino in an apron. Hilarious moments requested.
Anime preferred.

Magic Knight Rayearth
Hikaru Shidou
I'm hoping for something gen! Back story or friendship focused will make me very happy. I'm anime-only with the canon. Art and fic will both be loved.
If you are inclined, something with Nova or crossovers I would find really intriguing (the similarity in their names makes me really want to see Shindou Hikaru meet up, but that may be a bit too much).
Princess Tutu
Any Character
I'm anime only with the canon! A couple of interesting prompts that I think could have multiple interpretations and be ideas that I'd love to see explored
- so why does Lillie love failed relationships so much?
- What if Fakir became a duck?
- Post-series Neko-sensei and love?
- Anything with Ahiru/Fakir fluff
- Anything with Kick Ass Princess Tutu! Missing canon scenes, crazy super hero Au's, anything.
- What if Ahiru could go back to the beginning knowing what she knows at the end?
Feel free to pick any of the above to focus on!
Art and fic will both be loved.
Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura Kinomoto, Touya Kinomoto, Tomoyo Daidouji
Not Tsubasa-style, but I'd love to see Sakura meet other clamp universes.
Or something with Sakura bonding with her guardians and or her cards.
Or something from Tomoyo's POV on Sakura, or just Tomoyo being Tomoyo! :D
Or maybe something that shows Touya dealing with Sakura's magic.
Or Touya/Yukito/Yue fun would also be cool. :D
Art and fic will both be loved.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (anime)
I only really know Sailor V manga and up to the black moon arc of the anime (dubbed I know more than subbed anime). I don't mind spoilers but I just might not understand where something is coming from otherwise...
Something Artemis-centric! Back-story, bonding with Minako, making fun of Luna, searching for the Princess, getting to know Usagi/Serena after being revealed as the princess! Any or all of the above! :D
Art and fic will both be loved.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthy Himemiya, Utena Tenjou, Kanae Ohtori
Favorite Pairings: Utena/Anthy
Suggested Prompts: 1)a rainy day together, 2) any Tori Amos song
Notes: Prompts are optional. I love crackfic, angstfic, or simple moments between my favorite characters. No porn, please.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, Kyouko Sayaka
Favorite Pairings: Kyoko/Sayaka
Suggested Prompts: 1) the apple is the universe, 2) Kokoro no Tamago (look up the Shugo Chara intro!), 3) a goddamn happy moment
Notes: Prompts are optional. I love crackfic, angstfic, or simple moments between my favorite characters. No porn, please.
Princess Tutu
Duck, Rue, Mytho
Favorite Pairings/Combos: Ahiru & Rue, Rue/Mytho
Suggested Prompts: 1) ugly ducklings are cuter than swans, 2) fracturing the fairy tale
Notes: Prompts are optional. I love crackfic, angstfic, or simple moments between my favorite characters. No porn, please.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (anime)
Kunzite, Zoisite
Suggested Prompts: 1) destiny is not beautiful, 2) spring
Notes: Prompts are optional. I love crackfic, angstfic, or simple moments between my favorite characters. No porn, please.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Any Character
I like time travel, crossovers, yuri, happy fluffy poly groupings, and clever uses of mythology. OTPs: Hotaru/Chibiusa/Helios, Haruka/Michiru, Rei/Usagi, Setsuna/awesomeness. Something involving the Silver Millennium's or Crystal Tokyo's relationships with non-Sol planets would be nifty.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Any Character
I like time travel, crossovers, yuri, and hurt/comfort. OTP: Homura/Madoka. Would love anything with one of the two defending the other and being awesome. And/or something about the origins of Walpurgisnacht.
Tokyo Mew Mew
Any Character
Would love something that explores the animal-based powers from a serious naturalist's perspective, or a hard-sci-fi-type look at the aliens.

Creamy Mami
I'd really like to see something about Mami's relationship with show business and her co-workers. The things she does like about the idol business, or just some time hanging out with Megumi or Shingo or other people from work. Or something about Yuu's life when she's older. (I'm still in the mid-teen episodes, so don't worry too much about being canon-compliant!)
Alternatively, something that brings up her mirror self, Mr Dream, that mafia boss, etc. would be super great.
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Any Character
I'd really like something atmospheric, kind of creepy, maybe involving the little things or mechanics of the school -- those photographs, the duelling arena, the stuff from student council meetings -- did they have to get used to it or did it seem normal from the beginning, has anyone ever taken the things from the student council meetings home with them, who was the previous 'prince', that sort of thing. I really like the less-major characters -- Shiori, Mikage, Kanae, Nanami, etc -- but really anyone is okay. Crossovers are fine, and so is the movie if you'd rather write from that. Have fun!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure
Dark Pretty Cure, Yuri Tsukikage
The ending with Dark Precure left a bad taste in my mouth. I'd like to her to get a second chance. Maybe she would be an amnesiac girl? Maybe she will seek out the other Cures? I don't care, I just would like her to have another chance at life. I'd love to see her transform and fight alongside her sister just once, but it isn't required.
I also sort of really hated their father for how he treated both of his daughters. So I would kind of like to see him stay dead or if he has to show up do something to redeem himself.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Mami Tomoe, Homura Akemi
I just want to see something with these two. It could be showing friendship between the two of them in another timeline. It could be glasses Homura having a crush on the older girl and Madoka finds it adorable. Maybe Homura going to Mami for comfort when she remembers Madoka in the final universe? Seeing as how Homura met Mami just slightly after Madoka, I honestly think Mami is the second most important person to protect. So I would just like something reflecting that.
Cutie Honey The Live
Honey Kisaragi, Miki Saotome, Yuki Kenmochi
I would like to see the three of them work together like an actual magical girl team. Any romance is fine.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Applejack, Twilight Sparkle
I'd take anything with these two as long as they feature prominently. Maybe an AU where they are human magical girls? Maybe they need to learn how to better harness the Elements of Harmony? The two trapped together?
If you want to do one of these, then you can just do it.  No need to ask.


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