Next Exchange

Hi everyone,
This is just a heads up that there will not be a round this fall.  The next round will be held in the spring.  I do not have the time to run a round this fall.  If you noticed there are no staff members, just me.  So there is no one who can run a fall round. 

If you would like to see a fall round and you have the time, I am more than happy with someone else running the fall round.  I'll make the subcollection and set you up as the person running that one.  They would have final say on what is in and is not in for that round, rules and requirements.  A punny mod account for the live journal is not required. (Though I'd love to see a Rosedoka, The Mamster and Lethbridge-Sayaka).

That Concludes The Spring 2012 Exchange

Authors are revealed.  That means that this exchange is over.  We may have had fewer participants, but we had just as awesome a collection of stories as last time.  Madoka Magica takes the lead with 3 new fics.  My Little Pony had two fics.  The classic series Revolutionary Girl Utena and Princess Tutu had one a piece.  Sailor Moon had two fics, one anime and one manga.  Mai Otome had one fic and Jem appeared in a crossover.

Personally, I think this one went better than the last one.  I still have more to learn as a swap coordinator, of course.  I hope all of you had fun.

Now, I do have some questions for any that want to answer.

1. Do you want the fall round to be an exchange or a prompt meme?
2. If it is a prompt meme do you want it to be held here or on AO3?  Even if it is held here there would still be a collection for the stories.

Until the fall I will occasionally be posting about various magical girl series.  If you know one that you would like to post about, then please do so.

Gifts are Live

The gifts are now live.  The one person waiting for a gift has said she does not mind her gift not being up yet.  However, her gift will be up before creators are revealed.  Now, go forth and enjoy both your gifts, and everyone else's.

Comment on this post for discussion on the many wonderful gifts.

Time is Up and Pinch Hits

EDIT: Pinch hitter has been found. 

I haven't looked at the stories other than the titles, but it looks like it will be a good crop this round just based on the titles.  Thanks to everyone who participated and submitted stories.  Now, the sad news is that we had three defaults.  One voluntarily defaulted, so I have taken on their assignment and should be done tonight.  One person that defaulted was assigned to the person that had two people writing for them, so while sad the recipient does have a gift waiting for them.  That leaves just ONE person that needs a gift.  I am hesitant to take it on as I pinch hitted a story for her last year and was the person that wrote for her at Yuletide (plus she can recognize my writing from a mile away).  If someone would please be willing to take on her assignment, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Replies are screened.

Assignments are out!

Sign ups are closed and assignments are out.  If you signed up and did not get an email, check your assignments on AO3.  If there is nothing their then contact me ASAP so I can get you taken care of.

Now, everything was mostly perfect.  There was only one issue that there were two people who only had one person that fit to give them a gift.  However, I had a volunteer that has voluntarily taken on a second assignment.  Now, because of this slight not matching, there is one person has two people assigned to them.  No, I won't tell anyone who.  However, to make it fair, I have decided that I will make all the prompts visible now.

Now, if you aren't familiar with exchanges called Yuletide, there are these things called treats.  A treat is when you do a gift for someone in addition to the person you are assigned to.  They are not required, but they can be a ton of fun.

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Sign Ups are Open!

Important Dates
January 1 - Nomination period begins
January 13 - Nomination period ends
January 16 - Sign ups start
January 31 - Sign ups close
April 1 - Works are due (no this isn't a joke)
TBD - Works revealed (once all are in)
1 Week After Reveals - Authors are revealed

The nomination period went well.  To my surprise the fandom with the most characters nominated was Jem.  So congratulations Jem fans!

For signing up you must ask for at least one fandom and you must offer at least two.  Only characters and fandoms that people nominated are available for selection.  If you select "any" then you can honestly get any character that was nominated.  So, please take that into account.  Please do not use "any" as an attempt to get fic of an unnominated character.  Yes, you can mention unnominated characters but you can't require it. 

The person writing/drawing for you has to use the fandom you chose and the characters you selected (unless in your details you say you are fine with fewer).  For filling you only have to do one of the requests.  If you want to do more than that you are more then welcome.  If you want to do a prompt you weren't matched on then that is fine.

You may change your sign ups anytime up until signups close on January 31.

If you want to join but are not an AO3 member than please comment here or message me your e-mail address.

Sign up!

Pinch Hitter Sign up
Letters to the fillers

Feel free to discuss anything on this post.

Pinch Hitters

Are you interested in pinch hitting?  If you want to volunteer to be a pinch hitter, if it is needed, then post on this journal with your AO3 screenname and what fandoms you will be willing to do.

Volunteering does not mean you can't turn it down if you are busy when the time comes.  This just gives me a list of people I can ask before posting in the com.

Letters to the Filler

Would you like to talk more about what you like, why you like it, or even just to give the person that has you a better idea what you like or dislike?  Well, then post here!  Please include your AO3 name, the fandoms you selected and then a link to your letter.  Remember to make sure the person can read it if you post it on a friend locked journal.

The 2012 Spring Magical Girl Fic/Art Swap Starts Now!

Important Dates
January 1 - Nomination period begins
January 13 - Nomination period ends
January 16 - Sign ups start
January 31 - Sign ups close
April 1 - Works are due (no this isn't a joke)
TBD - Works revealed (once all are in)
1 Week After Reveals - Authors are revealed

Now, the reason why everything is so early despite it being a spring exchange is simply because of finals.  You have the university finals in March/April and the school ones in May/June.  Hopefully, this should minimize finals conflicting with this.  I hope giving two full months is enough time to work on something.

An AO3 account will be required for this exchange.  If you need an invite please drop a line here or message me with your e-mail address.

Sharing the Fandoms
Is there a magical girl fandom you like and want more people to know about?  Do you want to learn about a new one?  Then please post about why your magical girl fandom is so awesome and why we should check it out.  The earlier you do the more time others have to check it out and decide if they like it too!  I sometimes post about them, but my knowledge is not all encompassing.

Nomination info here!