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Nominate Here!

You will need an AO3 account to nominate.  You get three fandoms with up to four characters each.  I recommend checking the list of already accepted fandoms and characters.  If you nominate a character that is already in, then you are essentially wasting a nomination spot.

After you put in your nominations you can edit them anytime up until I accept or reject them.  If you nominate something that has already been accepted it will be locked in and accepted automatically. 

If you are not sure what to call something, use your best judgment. I can edit the names if need be.

I would like to recommend using teamwork. If you really only want one or two characters in a particular fandom, use the extra slots for other characters to help fill out the rooster a bit better.  If you want to plan amongst yourselves than you may use this post to discuss planning.

You may notice that there are already some nominations in.  I figured out the form early and put up a post here without advertising it so people that were watching the community got to be my guinea pigs to make sure it worked properly.

One last thing, if you want to provide links or additional information about why your fandom should be considered valid for this swap than post it on this entry.

Rejected Fandoms
Loveless - I am unfamiliar with this series.  I could not find anything magical girlish in the series overall, and there was little information about the characters in specific that were nominated.  I am willing to hear out a case for the inclusion of Nakano Yamato and Sakagami Kouya if the nominator contacts me.
Sleeping Beauty
The Last Unicorn
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Questionable (these are ones I personally don't consider magical girls, but have allowed due to being able to see why others consider them as such)
Fern Gully - really, really tenative but being allowed as a variation of Cute Witch and because I felt bad about rejecting all of their other nominations
Powerpuff Girls

Debate (I don't consider them, but am willing to hear arguments for and against)

What is a magical girl?

Nominations are now open!
I know it is a bit early, but I have the form for nominating fandoms and characters is up and running here. You can nominate three fandoms and four characters for each.  You can change your nominations up until they are approved or rejected.  I will lean toward the generous and inclusive side with fandoms, but if you are concerned about me not accepting something then please post on here with information and maybe links explaining why it is appropriate.  As for characters there are two types: any character from a magical girl series or magical girls from non magical girl fandoms.

You can read more info about the exchange here.

Tokyo Mew Mew
"Let me serve the future of the earth, nya!"

Look, a series that is actually well known!  Tokyo Mew Mew was originally conceived as a horror series.  Due to pressure from higher ups, it became a magical girl series instead.

Tokyo Mew Mew is about a group of girls whose DNA is compatible with various Red Data animals (ie endangered animals).  They are are forcibly combined with said animals' DNA and become magical girls.  Each one carries features of the animal in her transformed state and occasionally when they aren't even transformed.  These magical girls are tasked with stopping an alien attack on Earth.  While there is a focus on the typical love conquers all and friendship, Tokyo Mew Mew is notable for its emphasis on the environment and how important conservation is.

Tokyo Mew Mew does not reinvent the wheel.  It does not add anything new to the genre.  However, it is a very solid magical girl series. 

Info about the 2012 Spring Exchange
Important Dates
January 1 - Nomination period begins
January 13 - Nomination period ends
January 16 - Sign ups start
January 31 - Sign ups close
April 1 - Works are due (no this isn't a joke)
TBD - Works revealed (once all are in)
1 Week After Reveals - Authors are revealed

Now, the reason why everything is so early despite it being a spring exchange is simply because of finals.  You have the university finals in March/April and the school ones in May/June.  Hopefully, this should minimize finals conflicting with this.  I hope giving two full months is enough time to work on something.

Nominations will be done through a neat little form they added on AO3, once I figure out how to get it to work.  How many fandoms and how many characters per fandom do you think is fair on the form?

An AO3 account will be required for this exchange.  If you need an invite please drop a line here or message me with your e-mail address.

Sharing the Fandoms
Is there a magical girl fandom you like and want more people to know about?  Do you want to learn about a new one?  Then please post about why your magical girl fandom is so awesome and why we should check it out.  The earlier you do the more time others have to check it out and decide if they like it too!  I will be trying to post at least once a week with something new to check out, but there is no guaranteeing I will cover your fandom.

Nomination info here!

So after three posts about the magical girls in the land of the rising sun, let's take it to the west.

W.I.T.C.H. is originally an Italian comic.  It is about five girls chosen to be the Guardians of the Veil. Taranee can control fire.  Irma can use water. Hay Lin, ironically, has the power of air. Cornelia controls earth.  What does our main character get? The ability to transform the other four!  Will gets to hold the Heart of Kandrakar.  Without her the others can't transform.

The series received an animated adaptation that ran two season, for a total of fifty-two episodes.  Sadly, this only covered the first two arcs of the comic series, which is still on-going.  The cartoon did change a lot in the adaptation.  For one, the material had more added to it.  The character of Cornelia was changed quiet a bit.  The difference between her comic and cartoon selves are about as different as manga Rei Hino and anime Rei Hino.  There are design changes to some characters and another has his background completely changed.  Don't let this put you off of either version!  The comic and the cartoon are both worthwhile.

One thing that sets these four girls a bit apart from Japanese magical girls is that they don't get power upgrades partly through the season.  They instead learn to more effectively use the powers they already have.  The girls also spend a good bit of the episodes loosing and being out maneuvered even as they became more strategic themselves.

A sticking point in many magical girl series for me are the romantic relationships.  I have good news everyone!  Male love interests are actually well developed characters.  Not only that, characters actually confess their feelings and get together instead of pining away the entire season.  The relationships are also not static, especially in the comic.  Characters will actually break up or drift apart, even find new loves. 

Did I mention Steve Blum, Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy) or Spike (Cowboy Bebop), in it?

I can't decide whether I like the second opening or the US opening more.  So I'm going to post both!

Nurse Witch Komugi
Back in 2001, Akiyuki Shinbo, whom you may know from Madoka Magica or Nanoha, directed an anime called Soul Taker.  In 2002 it got an OVA.  Of course, since this is a magical girl community, it was a magical girl OVA.

And thus Nurse Witch Komugi was born!

All of the characters from Soul Taker are now working for various talent agencies.  Komugi, who was a mutant nurse in Soul Taker, is now a teen age cosplay idol.  Her other identity is Nurse Witch Komugi who is battling the evil king of the viruses, Ungrar.  Helping her is her oddly perverted fluffy animal companion Mugimaru.  Against her is Magical Maid Koyori, she of course has no connection to Komugi's best friend Koyori.

This short series parodies magical girls and Soul Taker.  I will go right out and say that not seeing Soul Taker did not affect my viewing of this series. My favorite scene would have to be when Komugi cosplays the entire team from Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle of the Planets all at once.

Another interesting thing about this series is the dub.  Nurse Witch Komugi was acquired by a different company than the one that had Soul Taker.  In a then unheard of move, they actually negotiated with the other company for the voice actors to keep continuity between series.

Oh,did I mention that in the dub you can hear Princess Tutu voicing a perverted animal mascot?

Cutie Honey The Live
"Warrior of love.... Cutie Honey!"

Cutie Honey has an interesting pedigree.  It is the first shounen series to star a female character.  She also happens to be the first magical girl warrior.  Of course, she wasn't originally considered a magical girl.  But, she was later grandfathered into the genre.  Over the years she has had many series ranging all over the place in terms of content, sexuality, and themes.

The most recent entry is Cutie Honey The Live. 

Unlike most of the other series, this one is live action.  Honey is also joined by two other girls named Miki and Yuki.  While Honey is a gynoid, Yuki and Miki were originally humans.  Honey is lovably perky and a bit more naive then her other incarnations.  Partly, this is due to her being less then a year old at the start and partly due to being a prequel of sorts.  Miki is a loner since when she transforms she becomes very aggressive and brutal, to the point she almost beat the girl she was trying to save.  Yuki is a refined but ditzy rich girl with a crush on Honey.  When she transforms she becomes an ice cold warrior.  When Honey meets the other girls all she wants to do is form a magical girl team, the other two have their own ideas.

The villains are an organization called Panther Claw.  Unlike many other magical girl series the villains are all human.  There are no typical monsters of the day.  Instead, they fight humans that have been turned into bio-weapons by Panther Claw.  These people aren't being saved.  The only option is to kill them.  In fact when there is a victim of the day they will die more often then not.  Why does Panther Claw do this? Money.

Did I mention that one of the villains randomly switches into English?  I mean real English!

The first few episodes are a bit fanservicy.  However, if you get to episode 5, when Miki is introduced, you should really know if you want to watch this or not.  There really isn't any filler in this series and each episode advances the plot at least a little.

A nice little tidbit is that in the final episode Prof. Kisaragi, Honey's creator, is played by Go Nagai, the original mangaka.

Umi Monogatari
So, I thought I would start with the other series discussion!

Umi Monogatari is a series that I have yet to find another fan of.  I have never encountered anything related to it at any anime convention that I have attended.

A long time ago a malevolent being named Sedna was sealed away.  Half was sealed in the sea and the other half on land.  Now, a pair of sisters that live in the sea find a ring that was thrown away.  The older, Marin, decides to go on land and return it to the girl that it belongs to.  When on land the younger sister, Urin, accidentally releases the half of Sedna sealed onto the land.  Now, Marin and Kanon, the girl that threw away the ring, have to become magical girls to stop Sedna.

This series is beautiful to look at it and uses very calming music.  Instead of big instrumental pieces you have pianos in battle.

This series only ran one cour.  So only about twelve or thirteen episodes.

Oh, and did I mention it shares directors with a little anime called Princess Tutu?



Next Round & New Stuff
We will be having our next round in the spring. Somewhere around April is where I am aiming. I'll make sure that there are long enough stretches of time that finals should not be an issue for those that have them.

symbolism_egg had a great idea!  So for now on this community is not just for the magical girl exchange, but also just talking about magical girls in general.  In particular this will be a home for older or more obscure magical girls, but that does not mean that modern and popular are unwelcome!  I have checked and community posting is open for anyone that is a member!  Feel free to post discussions, fanwork, theories, comparisons, crossover RPs and everything else.  This is of course if people want this.

I have also added a link to the overall AO3 collection in the community profile.

Suggestions, comments and feedback are appreciated!  I will work on tags as they are needed ^_^

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The End of this Exchange
Did everyone have fun?  I hope you all enjoyed giving as well as receiving.  Even though we had a few flakes, everyone got something, even the three that never posted.

The authors have been revealed on AO3.  I believe this exchange would be considered done. 

Now, would any of you like to do this again?  I do not mean right away.  I am thinking of either having it once a year in the fall, or twice a year in the spring and fall.  What would you like to do?

I have already planned a few changes.  Next time, I will do a post of links to magical girl series legally streaming online.  There will also be fandom pimp posts.  One thing that has me excited is that for Yuletide the AO3 is doing a new way of submitting fandoms that should let all of us directly plug in what we want for the nomination period.

Do any of you have any feedback for this swap?

I would like to leave all of you with one last thing.


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