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That Concludes The Spring 2012 Exchange
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
Authors are revealed.  That means that this exchange is over.  We may have had fewer participants, but we had just as awesome a collection of stories as last time.  Madoka Magica takes the lead with 3 new fics.  My Little Pony had two fics.  The classic series Revolutionary Girl Utena and Princess Tutu had one a piece.  Sailor Moon had two fics, one anime and one manga.  Mai Otome had one fic and Jem appeared in a crossover.

Personally, I think this one went better than the last one.  I still have more to learn as a swap coordinator, of course.  I hope all of you had fun.

Now, I do have some questions for any that want to answer.

1. Do you want the fall round to be an exchange or a prompt meme?
2. If it is a prompt meme do you want it to be held here or on AO3?  Even if it is held here there would still be a collection for the stories.

Until the fall I will occasionally be posting about various magical girl series.  If you know one that you would like to post about, then please do so.


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