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Sign Ups are Open!
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
Important Dates
January 1 - Nomination period begins
January 13 - Nomination period ends
January 16 - Sign ups start
January 31 - Sign ups close
April 1 - Works are due (no this isn't a joke)
TBD - Works revealed (once all are in)
1 Week After Reveals - Authors are revealed

The nomination period went well.  To my surprise the fandom with the most characters nominated was Jem.  So congratulations Jem fans!

For signing up you must ask for at least one fandom and you must offer at least two.  Only characters and fandoms that people nominated are available for selection.  If you select "any" then you can honestly get any character that was nominated.  So, please take that into account.  Please do not use "any" as an attempt to get fic of an unnominated character.  Yes, you can mention unnominated characters but you can't require it. 

The person writing/drawing for you has to use the fandom you chose and the characters you selected (unless in your details you say you are fine with fewer).  For filling you only have to do one of the requests.  If you want to do more than that you are more then welcome.  If you want to do a prompt you weren't matched on then that is fine.

You may change your sign ups anytime up until signups close on January 31.

If you want to join but are not an AO3 member than please comment here or message me your e-mail address.

Sign up!

Pinch Hitter Sign up
Letters to the fillers

Feel free to discuss anything on this post.

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I'd like to take part but I have some questions first...

I just found this community so I haven't taken part at the nominations procedure. Is that a problem with me signing up and writing? I mean only the people who nominated characters can sign up?

When I sign up, I sign up to write AND request or just one of them? (I'd like both actually.)

I don't have an AO3 account although I don't creating one for the occasion (so an invite code would be useful XD) but I was wondering if I can post the story at Dreamwidth and as well... or must I only post the story at AO3?

That's all I think.

Thank you for your time. Please answer.

You don't have to have nominated to sign up. People that nominated don't need to sign up either. Since we are so early in, if there is maybe one or two characters you want added to a fandom already there, I'd be willing to manually add them.

When you sign up you fill a request and someone does a request for you as well.

I would love to send you an invite. I would need your e-mail address. You are more than welcome to post the story to Dreamwidth and, just so you know the stories are kept secret until everyone has something for them. So I ask you don't post it elsewhere until then.

Ok then... could you please add fron the anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the characters Fate Testarossa and Nanoha Takamachi?

Ok so you will give me the request I have to write for?

My e mail is Thank you for your help. XD

There, I sent your invite to the exact email you gave me. Check your junk mail if it isn't in the main one.

Ok thanks! I made an account! So I will sign up at that site right?

Just click on the link and then go to the signup section on the collection.

One more thing... I ask and provide a prompt thing or just say the fandoms and what the writer/artist will do is up to them?

I am so sorry for bothering you with all my questions...

It doesn't bother me. You pick the fandom and what characters you want. The writer/artist has to use those characters. The text box is to give details of stuff you like and more importantly stuff you don't like. For example...

Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Characters: Umi
I really love Umi. I just love how she has so many characteristics of the rich bitch stereotype, yet she isn't one. I'd love something set during or after the series. I don't really care for the Umi x Clef or Umi x Ascot ships, but I am fine with any other ships.

You could also maybe give a few prompt ideas like "I've always wanted to see this character in a steampunk setting" or "I want to know what happened to them when they were missing for those three episodes"

I see...

Can I ask or write AU stories? Or they all must be from the plot of the series?

Yes. AU, crossovers and fusion are all fine. Just remember that the details in the box are optional so the person who has you might not use them. You may write/draw AUs for the person you get as well.

Sorry to bother again... if we want to make an offer for a crossover.. we put all the fandoms in one offer or we just upload offer and fandom? Because I put at one offer one fandom and then at another that same fandom with another and it told me that I must not use the same fandom in more than one offer. That each offer must be unique...

If you want to ask for a crossover then what you do is pick one of the two you want and include crossover information in the optional details. I highly recommend also including information for if your partner does not know the second series you are asking for.

If you are offering a crossover then just the way it works is that you can put up to five fandoms per offer. Those don't mean you are offering to crossover those fandoms. It just means you are putting multiple fandoms into one offer.

So if I said in offering...

Fandoms: Jem, Powerpuff Girls, Magic Knight Rayearth
Characters: Any

This does not mean that I am offering a crossover of the three, it just means I am using one entry to offer more than one fandom with any characters.

Really though, it depends on what person you get whether or not you will get to write a crossover.

I just wanted to tell you that I can see the signups as the person running the swap. You did everything perfectly.

Also... can we use the story to fill a prompt from other challenges? If we have one that is suitable that is?

Yes, just as long as you keep the story secret until the stories are revealed in this challenge.

What's the minimum wordcount for stories? (I'm not seeing this info, probably just me being out of it.)

That is because there is no word count minimum. As long as it is a complete story,and not just a drabble, then there isn't a minimum. However, a good rule of thumb is at least one thousand words.

If someone does abuse the fact I expect people to use good judgment, then I will make sure the recipient gets a second gift and I will institute a word count rule.

Long story short: No minimum amount, but that would change if someone uses that to give an incomplete story or drabble.

Personally, I hope I never have to implement a word count rule.

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