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Tokyo Mew Mew
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
"Let me serve the future of the earth, nya!"

Look, a series that is actually well known!  Tokyo Mew Mew was originally conceived as a horror series.  Due to pressure from higher ups, it became a magical girl series instead.

Tokyo Mew Mew is about a group of girls whose DNA is compatible with various Red Data animals (ie endangered animals).  They are are forcibly combined with said animals' DNA and become magical girls.  Each one carries features of the animal in her transformed state and occasionally when they aren't even transformed.  These magical girls are tasked with stopping an alien attack on Earth.  While there is a focus on the typical love conquers all and friendship, Tokyo Mew Mew is notable for its emphasis on the environment and how important conservation is.

Tokyo Mew Mew does not reinvent the wheel.  It does not add anything new to the genre.  However, it is a very solid magical girl series. 


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