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Umi Monogatari
doctor_whomura wrote in mgunite
So, I thought I would start with the other series discussion!

Umi Monogatari is a series that I have yet to find another fan of.  I have never encountered anything related to it at any anime convention that I have attended.

A long time ago a malevolent being named Sedna was sealed away.  Half was sealed in the sea and the other half on land.  Now, a pair of sisters that live in the sea find a ring that was thrown away.  The older, Marin, decides to go on land and return it to the girl that it belongs to.  When on land the younger sister, Urin, accidentally releases the half of Sedna sealed onto the land.  Now, Marin and Kanon, the girl that threw away the ring, have to become magical girls to stop Sedna.

This series is beautiful to look at it and uses very calming music.  Instead of big instrumental pieces you have pianos in battle.

This series only ran one cour.  So only about twelve or thirteen episodes.

Oh, and did I mention it shares directors with a little anime called Princess Tutu?



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I've not seen as many magical girl series as I'd like, so I'm actually planning on dedicating at least a part of my December to watching magical girl anime... this one just got on my list. ^^

I know I've heard this name before, but didn't know anything about the series. Sounds like it belongs on my to-investigate list.

Wow, somehow I've never heard of this.

After watching the trailer and opening/ending themes, I can say I'm not a fan of the art style--something about how the faces are drawn--but the plot setup interests me very much.

I also like the music. And the ending theme title is in Ryukyuan, excellent. Adding this to my to-watch list.

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